RAST/1 - Mobile Milk Cooling Tank

Technical Specifidations

  • Code: RAST/1
  • Cooling Class: 2BII
  • Power Input: 380volt.
  • KW:
  • Refrigerant: A404

Important Specifications

  • The desired production volumes from 500 litres to 10.000 Litres.
  • Possibility of pulling the machine to anywhere through tow trucks such as a tractor, pickup truck.
  • Adjustable trailer.
  • 304 Quality Body manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Surface Cooling is Ensured from the Base through the Roll-Bond (Evaporator) Plate Manufactured with Laser Welding
  • Insulation is Ensured through BHFC 141 High-Density Polyurethane in 50 mm Thickness. (1.4 C0 Heat Loss in 12 hours)
  • European and American Origin Cooling Group Elements are Used.
  • High Performance is Ensured by Low Energy Requirement with A404 Refrigerant Gas.